Automated Outreach & Data Enrichment for Recruiters

Talin integrates with LinkedIn Recruiter to automate data enrichment and outreach for passive candidates. Enrich candidate data and automate hyper-personalized messaging in a few clicks.

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Save hours of painful manual outreach.
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Send 100 Connection Requests Per Week

LinkedIn Recruiter doesn't quite cut it with only a handful of InMails and no automation around messaging. In a few clicks, automatically connect with candidates listed in any project with a personalized message, without using a single InMail. Keep things hyper-personalized with the ability to customize any individual message.

Find Candidate Emails in One Click

After importing contacts from any project on LinkedIn Recruiter, highlight one, a few, or all contacts in a project, and enrich their profiles with a personal email address in one click. No more manual digging for email addresses to reach out to prospective candidates.

Connections Screen


Learn which templates and outreach strategies work best by tracking invite acceptances, replies, and interested candidates.


Talin pulls in details like name and current position to make outreach personalized - and lets you personalize any individual message as much as you'd like.


Automatically set follow ups with candidates who've accepted your connection request, but haven't replied.


Talin uses 2 factor authentication, making it an extremely secure application.

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Easy pricing, unlimited use.


$99 /month
Unlimited Campaigns
100 Enriched Emails
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Unlimited Campaigns
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What Recruiters Say About Us

“Recruiter Lite wasn’t cutting it with its limited use of InMail and no automation available. As the sole Recruiter at our growing start-up, Talin is my secret weapon.
I would spend 3-4 hours per day reaching out to prospective candidates through LinkedIn.
Talin automates that work in a few minutes.”

Kirk Taylor
Talent Aquisition at Heliolytics

"What used to take me 4 hours takes me 4 minutes on Talin."

Carl Casis
Casis Careers

I really loved this tool. Talin reduced my workload from 3-4 hours of lead gen to less than an hour.

Sam Chai
Recruiting Lead - Hypercare